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April Kuykendall, MSEd

What makes us different?

ASK ProTutors was founded by April Kuykendall, a bilingual World Language teacher specializing in Spanish and English as a Second Language. April has been working in the teacher-professional community since 2013. She has a passion for helping people overcome their challenges.

She began building ASK ProTutors after witnessing how her student’s learning was affected by the pandemic while engaging in asynchronous learning. Here at ASK ProTutors, sessions are virtual and intimate, and prepared with the student in mind. During sessions, students are taught how to activate their higher-order thinking skills to critically think through their language learning, and learn how to utilize their resources outside of sessions.

”My students have been successful in language learning, mainly because we can relate to one another as second-language learners; lessons are engaging, consistent, and authentic.”

Each student receives a custom curriculum tailored to their learning needs and career goals. Joining ASK ProTutors comes with an all-inclusive student portal with courses, resources and session notes all in one place with consistent practice. This is not your average classroom, are you ready for the learning to begin?

PH Clean and Minimal Postage Stamps & Seals  Wavy Lines Wave
PH Clean and Minimal Postage Stamps & Seals  Wavy Lines Wave
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Prior to Scheduling

We can’t wait to begin your language learning journey! A Pre-Tutoring Questionnaire is required before scheduling your first session so that we can learn more about you and your learning needs. Please complete the questionnaire below to access the form.

Pre-Tutoring Questionnaire

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